Villa near San Gimignano
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Villa near San Gimignano

The Estate is situated in a panoramic position 500 m. above sea level near Gambassi Terme. It offers hospitality in a magnificent villa dating back to 1600.

The Villa reflects the simple and powerful style of Tuscan noble residences. Rented in its entirety, it offers 8 double bedrooms, large reception rooms, garden and private swimming pool.A lovely large hall, originally used as a coach house, with beautiful arched brick ceiling is available for meetings and special occasions.During reconstruction, the characteristics of the structure, like old terracotta floors and lacunar or arched ceilings were taken into consideration.
The furnishings are in perfect harmony with the importance of the building.Great attention was paid to the care of indoors details, reflecting the estate’s class and noble history.The preciousness of the bedrooms ensures your relaxation moment’s absolute pleasure.

The historical events of the Villa are part of the great history of an area that has felt the influence of the bordering possessions of Florence, Pisa and Siena. In ancient times it was certainly a “passage way”: for the Etruscans to the town of Volterra, for the Romans there was the Via Clodia from Siena to Lucca and in tha middleages travellers like the archbishop Sigerico of Canterbury, who recalls the Church of Santa Maria in Chianni at Gambassi in the book of his travels in Italy before the year 1000, took the Via Francigena.

It was badly damaged and sacked by Piccinnino’s troops in 1430 and by the Sienise army which spent the night there on 13 June 1554. The Villa was built around 1600 by the Senatoria dei Rinuccini family, both as their own country home and to administer the other properties they had acquired in the area.
In around 1815 it was inherited by the Marchesi Capponi of Florence.
The Grand Duke of Tuscany visited the house on several occasions.
In 1834 it passed to Marchese Attilio Incontri as part of the dowry brought by his wife, Donna Ortensi, daughter of Marchese Gino Capponi.
The original property extended for thousands of hectares from the river Era to the river Elsa.
Through the centuries the property became an example for many other farms, but this did not save it from being divided up to what it is today.
The apartments – accommodating from 2 to 8 people – furnished with care and respecting the Tuscan tradition, are equipped with every comfort and have a private space outside.During reconstruction, the characteristics of the structure, like old terracotta floors and lacunar or arched ceilings were taken into consideration.Apartments all have their own entrance.
A swimming pool for adults linked to a children’s pool is at the disposal of guests by a passageway with upward whirlpool massage. To make your stay even more pleasurable the estate is surrounded by a wonderful 120.000 sq m park. Inside the park there are also two little lakes, both ideal destinations for picnics and relaxing strolls.At the centre of the extensive area of the park you will find the swans and ducks lake, where you may also practice sports fishing.Various natural trails unravel inside the park, and they can be followed either on foot and by mountain bike.Tuscany’s splendid nature will enthrals your eyes during your relaxing walks.

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